Team Analysis

Diagnose the interactions in your team and enhance its efficiency.

Receive a scientific measure of your team work and recommandations to improve it, based on the individual tests

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Boost your teams

Is your team struggling to collaborate? You feel like your team is wary and you want to stimulate it in order to improve its members’ well-being? The team analysis will meet your needs. Based on the character traits scientifically validated by Effency combined with the individual results, the team analysis will measure the overall dynamics of the team through similarities and differences between teammates. 
The team analysis offers a complete and overall cartography of the team, as well as its strengths, its points to develop and recommendations. The individual tests and the team analysis are anonymous.

Our tool

Effency’s team analysis measures the group’s cohesion and its dynamics. Once all the team members will have taken the individual test, you will receive a complete report on you team and its performance. Thanks to a semi-automatized analysis (that will soon be totally automatized) the report will be sent to you within days. You will then have a team diagnosis and an idea about its members’ complementarity. We will provide you keys for a team work that is more efficient and more satisfying for all the members. We can also offer collaborative workshops tailored specifically for your team and put together with the help of team coaches. We will also give you some improvement tracks and will show you specific points on which the team should work for a better efficiency.


Thanks to the analysis of your group’s strengths you will know which traits are shared by the members and which are not. You will therefore have improvement tracks that will come with actual recommendations. Depending on the issues that are addressed and on the teams that are studied, recommendations vary. Thanks to an analysis tailored just for your team, recommendations can be about team building for instance. They can also be about motivation issues, efficiency or even the atmosphere within the group.

Team analysis example

The context: a growing SME Demand from the client: Give everyone the desire to become more involved in the collective in order to make group dynamics more efficient, with less turnover

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