The Chatbot

Access a tailor-made coaching and advise training

Within 100 days, diagnose your team work, access a tailor-made coaching and advise training and measure the impact of the set up actions.

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A chatbot ?

You’re a manager and you want to boost your team? Effency’s chatbot gives you a tool that will allow you to:
– get a diagnosis on your team’s dynamics
– get proposals of coaching process tailored for your team (for both individuals and the group)
– measure the efficiency of the actions that were put in place This chatbot resides on the measure of the interactions between coworkers. Effency does not put tags on people but helps them rise in competence regarding each character traits that are essential for a good team work.

Our tool

Through a small set of questions, the user will auto-evaluate themselves, will evaluate his fellow teammates, and will create a global cartography of his team and their progression. Our chatbot offers practical advice and personalized programs:
• The chatbot offers the manager, a program to put in place a set of exercises to halp the team rise in competence on a 3-month period (6 meetings)
• The chatbot offers the teammates recommendations and practical exercises in order for everyone to find their right place in the team.


An individual, personalized and anonymous support: the tool guarantees confidentiality around individual profiles as it offers individual recommendations for everyone to strengthen their skills, and be more efficient in the team. The group bias: the tool accompanies the manager in the set-up of collective dynamics. There is no pointing fingers and the entire group rises in competence. This tool is based on the group’s bias, in order to help the team evolve, on the individual level as well as on the interpersonal level. Measurable results: linking practical results and users’ feedbacks, the tool can measure in real time the team’s progression, its efficiency and its well-being.