Measure your collaborative potential and set up the best team

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Your need

You want to build teams whose members – beyond their technical skills – will get along and collaborate well? Effency measures, for each person of the team, the collaborative potential, in order to build the teams that will work better together.

Our Solution

Our matching algorithm analyses people’s complementarity looking through each character trait. It will then offer you ideas on how to build ideal teams that will collaborate well.


More creative teams, that generate more ideas.

For exemple

We worked with 31 engineering students from the ENSGSI (Future innovation managers) on a 4-day period. Their goal was to carry out work in subgroups of 5 to 6 people that are almost professional in order to bring innovative solutions regarding security in the equestrian field. This work started during the conception of a new tool, and ended with the creation of a business plan. We built “ideal” groups based Effency’s standards and random groups. At the end of the working session, we measured the subjective efficiency of each group thanks to a self-evaluation form. The result was that the ideally built groups had a better way of generating ideas.