Work team, the core of companies’ efficiency

50 %
of work time
is collaborative
71 %
of millennials
advocate for more inclusive companies
66 %
of managers
are stressed at work (54% of employees)
billion euros
The social cost of occupational stress (Sources: INRS)
Euros / year
Overall cost of workplace malaise

A successful project obviously relies on technical skills and theoretical knowledge that all the members of the team should have.

Whether they are parts of working teams, managing teams, transverse teams, or project teams, what matters more than just knowledge, are collaborators personal qualities. This impacts both the group’s efficiency and its members’ well-being.

This is the reason why Effency conducted a research work in cognitive sciences, within its partnership with Cog’X.

Independently of skills, there are two elements that play a major role in the success of collective work. Those are the good dissemination of ideas among the group, and the implication of all members in a given task. Many research works in cognitive sciences showed that personality traits, which, if they’re shared with the group members, may participate actively to the achievement of these two collaborative functions.


Key characteristics

Why cognitive sciences?

Effency is interested in interactions among members of a team. With Effency’s tools, you won’t be receiving a typical profile. We do not put tags on people: there are no good and there are no bad profiles. Only the group is analyzed.

Effency developed a test oriented specifically towards collaborative work. It gives you the keys to feel better among your team, through a better understanding of the way you work and through discovering how the others work.

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