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Every person has their own potential to valorize and could use their character traits to belong in the group. But they need to know them first. Are you looking for a place in your team? Do you want to know yourself better in order to collaborate better? Thanks to Effency’s test, you will be able to identify and evaluate your collaborative potential, going through each character trait. You will also be able to access real advice in order to be a better collaborator in your teams.

Our tool

In less than 10 minutes – duration of the test – we will be able to tell your collaborative profile, and to give you details and recommendations for each of your character traits. Thanks to these results and to Effency’s advice, you will know how to place yourself in your team, and what are your strengths regarding team work. The test results are totally confidential and only you receive them.


There is no good or bad answer: it is the dynamics of the team in which you work that matters. This test will give you details about your qualities as a collaborator. You will be able to realize your strengths, the points on which you should rely on, and those you should develop in order to be completely comfortable among your team.